Thursday, January 31, 2013


Changes in AVMA GHLIT Medical Plan

Attention Spring 2013 Graduates & every AVMA member:

The applications of AVMA GHLIT medical plan options will only be accepted until JANUARY 31, 2013. Current Student PPO plans will maintain viability until Dec 31, 2013.

Why is this important, you say?

Because if seniors want to apply for medical insurance after leaving school (graduation) with guarantee issue (no medical questions asked), they must have a current Student PPO plan application in our office by the end of this month. Everywhere they apply for individual medical in the market will look at their medical history and can increase the cost for their premiums based on pre-existing conditions, until Jan. 1, 2014, when the new laws take effect. AVMA GHLIT will guarantee their rates until Dec 31, 2013 and then will assist in helping to guide the member into a new plan by each state exchange requirements or employers plans come January 1.If any senior has a pre-existing condition, will be released off a parents plan at age 26 in the next 11 months, or have a dependent to insure, they will want to talk to someone at AVMA GHLIT quickly.
We can delay the start date on this month’s applications to April 1, 2013, so that new premiums will not be due until then, and then can be transferred into a regular member selection of PPO or HSA plans. If someone is interested in this option, please direct them to your local agent or me.
All other life insurance and disability insurance guarantees will still be offered at time of graduation (no changes).

The detailed file with information regarding this will be posted on the SGU SCAVMA Facebook page Files!!!


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