Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Upcoming Events


When: November 8th @ 10:00 am
Where: Field in front of Taylor Hall

Get together a team of up to 12 players (minimum 8 players) and come play some kickball! This is a friendly tournament pitting Med students vs. Vet students! All proceeds will be going to charity, with this year's charity of choice being the JOSH project!

THE PRIZESThe winning team gets: 2 hours worth of donut water rides, 2 free margarita pizzas at Prickly Bay Marina and a case of Carib courtesy of Prickly Bay Marina
• Each participants gets a free raffle ticket and the raffle prizes include: 
• 2 day long bike rentals from Mocha Spoke worth $ 106 EC
• 2 $75 EC Bananas Gift Cards (alcoholic drinks not included)
• $ 50 EC Gift card to Le Papillion 
• $ 50 EC Gift Card to Cloud 9 
• Gift card for the Greek truck

First game starts at 11am and teams are guaranteed to play 2 games each with a Losers and Winners brackets. We will have 2 games going at once on the field. $150EC entry fee for a team of 12!

Lots of cold beer and drinks! We'll also have the grill fired up for hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers.

Women In Medicine's 5K run will be the same morning and ending on campus at SGU, so we will have both food and drink ready early for all those runners who want to stay and play kickball as well as runner who want to continue the fun as spectators.

Med Teams can use this link to sign their teams up:

After you have signed up yourself online, please get in touch with any member of the AMSA board or your term reps to hand over your registration fee of $150 EC.

Vet students please see your SCAVMA Term Rep for the sign-up sheet!


When: November 20th
Where: Caribbean House

Come out to enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner! If you bring a side dish that can feed 8-10 people you can eat turkey for free! If you would like to cook a turkey, sign up on the sheet that SCAVMA class reps will be passing around. If you cook a turkey, you and one other guest will get in and not have to bring a side dish :) 

More information coming soon!

Date Auction News

We want to give a tremendous THANK YOU to every person who came out to the Date Auction last Friday, your participation was overwhelming and I hope you all had a great time! It was so much fun hearing the bidding and seeing the camaraderie amongst terms, classmates, and friends.
We also want to give a special Thank You to all the students, professors, and local businesses who contributed to tonight's auction. We had an unbeilevable number of dates submitted this year making the event very exciting! 

Please keep an eye on your emails if you won any of the silent auction items as the contact information will be emailed to you most importantly, we were able raise over 15,000 EC this year!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Call for SCAVMA Executive Board Positions

APPLICATION FORM - Please complete and email to by Saturday Nov. 8th @midnight


  • Contact: Brendan Sullivan,
  • Must currently be in 1st or 2nd term
  • Assist president in all duties including:
  • Speaking at Orientation
  • Preparing agendas
  • Booking events
  • Running EB and general meetings
  • Attend SAVMA symposium (March) and attend AVMA convention (July/Aug)


  • Contact: Aki Otomo,
  • Must currently be in terms 2-4
  • Plan upcoming speakers
  • Coordinate and plan events
  • Assist all members of the board
  • Act as social chair
  • Order food for meetings
  • Coordinate raffle prizes distribution
  • Recommended to have reliable transportation

·        SECRETARY

  • Contact: Sorin Greff,
  • Must currently be in terms 1-4
  • Maintain SCAVMA website
  • Maintain the SCAVMA event calendar
  • Email updates for paws print
  • Update SCAVMA, SVM clubs and corporate reps contact info
  • Organization of the SCAVMA Gmail account
  • Maintain list of members
  • Take minutes at all meetings

·        TREASURER

  • Contact: Jeremy Redmond,
  • Must currently be in terms 1-4
  • Draft budget for each term
  • Handling money for multiple organizations
  • Maintain funding requisition forms and receipts
  • Be responsible for the cash box
  • Provide account balance to board when requested
  • Be available to make frequent trips to the bank
  • Write/cash/deposit checks
  • Submit financial report at the end of each term

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2nd General Meeting

Tuesday October 14th -- SCAVMA 2nd General Meeting
  • Where: Charter Hall
  • When: 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Topics:

    • Proposal for amendment to our constitution regarding attendance
    • Call for applications for board positions
    • Awarding of SCAVMA funding checks
    • Purchase of SCAVMA merchandise
    • Discussion of what SCAVMA membership means
    • Short presentation on summer externship opportunities (MARVET)
    • FREE FOOD and more!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Bayer Student Rep. position is now open. 
Bayer will be taking applications for the student rep position till October 17, 2014.

Job Description

Application Form