Tuesday, March 26, 2013

National SAVMA Symposium - Sneak Peak

Welcome back to our SCAVMA officers who represented SGU at National SAVMA Symposium - Ashley Bredenberg, Kirk Kasuya, Jeremy Redmond, and Muzzy Sayyid.  Here is a sneak peak of their weekend at LSU.  More details to come.

For those of you wondering, your SCAVMA t-shirts and hoodies are in-transit to Grenada and will be distributed soon.

IVSA Around the World Dinner is TONIGHT in Alumni Hall at 7pm
Come out and enjoy some great food from 'Around the World' We would love for you all to make a dish traditional to your home and share with us all.

If you make a dish, please make enough to provide approx 10 portions and some kind of utensil to serve it with. We will provide plates and cutlery.

FREE - for people who bring a dish
30EC - for a plate for paid IVSA members
35EC - for a plate for non-paid IVSA members

We will also have our special guests with us - 9 SOUTH AFRICAN exchange students. They will be cooking some traditional food from South Africa and will be giving a short presentation.

Dr Roopnarine will be giving a presentation to all that attend - topic of lecture to be announced!

Come out, enjoy some great food and meet our SA exchange students! Hope to see you there!!

As always, questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to sgusvmscavma@gmail.com


A big congratulations goes out to Ashley Bredenberg for being elected as the new Global Public Health Officer-Elect for National SAVMA!!!  Way to represent SGU! 

Josh Jr. ("JJ") comes to visit the House of Delegates and present awards to the schools who raised the most money for the Josh Project (www.joshandfriends.com), which provides comfort for children facing surgery or a hospital stay. (From the SAVMA Facebook page)
Thank you to all of the clubs who contributed to the table - looks like SGU had a nice display set up. I spy a cool "Peace Love SCAVMA" shirt...

SAVMA House of Delegates after finishing a long two days of meetings during SAVMA Symposium 2013 (From the SAVMA Facebook page).  Can you find Ashley and Kirk??

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