Saturday, May 4, 2013


To the future Chairs/Co-chairs of the Animal Welfare and Behaviour committee...

After a training period of a semester, these students will be taking over the following positions! All of us are very excited about the enthusiasm and benefits these 4 will bring to the committee.

Chair: Ashley Sarah Marshall
Small Animal Co-chair: Lauren Postler
Large Animal Co-Chair: April Esquivel
Behaviour/Wildlife/Exotics Co-Chair: M-a Rowe (Mary Anne)

The SCAVMA Executive Board looks forward to working with all of you next year :)


On another note, I think I speak for all of the Board members when I say THANK YOU to everyone for a great term!  There were a lot of changes with a mostly new Board, we learned a lot, and we have great plans for the future.  We reached our goal of 80% membership which opened up amazing opportunities for our delegates, Ashley and Kirk, and hope that everyone continues to keep their membership in good standing so we as an organization can better give back to SGU SVM.

Last thing, I promise...
I have loved creating and up-keeping the new SCAVMA website this term and am always looking to improve it so if anyone has suggestions or ideas as to what I can do to make it a more valuable resource please feel free to send me a message or send an email to

P.S. Don't forget to pay your dues for next year either this summer or bring a credit/debit card to Registration and we will sign you up.

GOOD LUCK on all of your finals!!!


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