Monday, October 27, 2014

Call for SCAVMA Executive Board Positions

APPLICATION FORM - Please complete and email to by Saturday Nov. 8th @midnight


  • Contact: Brendan Sullivan,
  • Must currently be in 1st or 2nd term
  • Assist president in all duties including:
  • Speaking at Orientation
  • Preparing agendas
  • Booking events
  • Running EB and general meetings
  • Attend SAVMA symposium (March) and attend AVMA convention (July/Aug)


  • Contact: Aki Otomo,
  • Must currently be in terms 2-4
  • Plan upcoming speakers
  • Coordinate and plan events
  • Assist all members of the board
  • Act as social chair
  • Order food for meetings
  • Coordinate raffle prizes distribution
  • Recommended to have reliable transportation

·        SECRETARY

  • Contact: Sorin Greff,
  • Must currently be in terms 1-4
  • Maintain SCAVMA website
  • Maintain the SCAVMA event calendar
  • Email updates for paws print
  • Update SCAVMA, SVM clubs and corporate reps contact info
  • Organization of the SCAVMA Gmail account
  • Maintain list of members
  • Take minutes at all meetings

·        TREASURER

  • Contact: Jeremy Redmond,
  • Must currently be in terms 1-4
  • Draft budget for each term
  • Handling money for multiple organizations
  • Maintain funding requisition forms and receipts
  • Be responsible for the cash box
  • Provide account balance to board when requested
  • Be available to make frequent trips to the bank
  • Write/cash/deposit checks
  • Submit financial report at the end of each term

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