Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Congratulations New Exec Board Members!

Thank you everyone for coming out to the First SCAVMA General Meeting of the term!!  We had a great turnout and are looking forward to the rest of the Spring term.

Congratulations to our new Executive Board Members!

President-elect - Muzzy Sayyid
Vice President - Alex Finnegan

We are looking forward to working with you both :)

Membership Note:
Anyone that still needs to pay dues, needs their ID #, etc, please email us at sgusvmscavma@gmail.com so we can take care of that before February 20th!!  Ashley & Kirk would love to have the opportunity to vote this year on behalf of SGU, but in order to do that they need everyone's help in paying and maintaining dues.

Thanks again everyone for showing us your support tonight and taking the time to come to our meeting.  We know you are busy and we greatly appreciate your attendance tonight and at all SCAVMA events.

As always, please direct and questions, comments, or concerns to sgusvmscavma@gmail.com


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